Month: September 2018

Smart car forensics and Sensor warfare by Gabriel Cirlig (@hookgab) & Stefan Tanase (@stefant) from Ixia (@Ixia_ATI @IXIAcom)

As “smart” is becoming the new standard for everything, malicious threat actors are quick to capitalize on the insecurity of IoT devices. Hackers compromising your network and spying on you is not something new in the world of personal computers, but definitely an emerging threat in the world of personal cars.

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It WISN’t me, Attacking Industrial Wireless Mesh Networks by Erwin Paternotte (@stokedsecurity) & Mattijs van Ommeren (@alcyonsecurity) from Nixu Benelux (@NixuBenelux @NixuTigerTeam)

This presentation will fill this gap by providing the necessary building blocks to perform a more in-depth security analysis of WISN and provide tools to perform practical attacks against these wireless networks in order to verify resistance to real-world attacks.

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The Race to Secure Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators by Brandon Wilson (@brandonlwilson)

In this talk, speaker will provide a technical overview of the history of achieving and maintaining unsigned code execution on the various graphing calculator models Texas Instruments has released over many years, as well as a personal recollection on how the first Flash unlock exploits were created and evolved to keep up with TI’s fixes, how the 512-bit RSA OS signing keys were factored and the legal fallout, and the current challenge to find and utilize new vulnerabilities for the latest models.

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