About the talk

During the webinar, Sultan Qasim Khan talked about:

  • Bluetooth Background
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Bluetooth 5 Changes
  • Attacks Against BLE
  • Security Recommendations
  • BLE 5 Attack Challenges
  • PHY Modes
  • Channel Section Algo. #2
  • Advert. Channel Hopping
  • Auxiliary Advertising
  • BLE 5 Research Tips
Presentation from the webinar

Sultan Qasim Khan presented a research talk on “Sniffle: A low-cost sniffer for Bluetooth 5” at Netherlands 2019 during 26th-27th September.
Sniffle is the first open-source packet sniffer for Bluetooth 5 LE. 

Sultan Qasim Khan
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Sultan Qasim Khan

Senior Security Consultant at NCC Group

Sultan Qasim Khan is a Senior Security Consultant at NCC Group and is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Sultan has been involved in security for the past 5 years, at both NCC Group and Motorola Mobility. He specializes in the review and development of secure embedded systems and wireless communications. Sultan is experienced working in the land between software and hardware. His expertise focuses on the analysis of firmware, bootloaders, kernel drivers, debug interfaces, PCB designs, and wireless protocols from the physical layer up.