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Google expands its Coral lineup
The Coral Dev Board Mini, along with a new Accelerator module has been revealed by Google to be a member of the existing Coral hardware lineup. These products have been stated to allow developers to run ML models locally on edge-network devices. Google stated that the Coral Dev Board Mini would support 720p video encoding and decoding.
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Google shuts down Xiaomi access to Assistant
Lately, we have come to know that smart cameras suffer from some stupid security issues. This time it was a Xiaomi camera linked to Google Assistant. The owner of a Xiaomi camera has been receiving random images from other people’s homes when trying to stream content from his camera to Google Nest Hub. According to the latest release by Xiaomi, they have detected and fixed the issue. The service will remain suspended unless the tech team of Xiaomi ensures that this is not repeated.

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Bosch to provide cheaper sensors for self-driving vehicles
Bosch has developed a Lidar sensor that would allow cars to get a 3D view of the road. This sensor will work both on city roads and highways and will work together with the radar and camera technologies of the company. With this development, Bosch is making automatic driving a feasible possibility.

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Dutch pressed hard by Trump administration on selling chips to China
The Trump administration mounted a campaign to stop the sale of Dutch chip manufacturing technology to China. This campaign started in 2018 when the Dutch government gave ASML a license to sell its most advanced machine to a Chinese customer. The pressure ended up working and the Dutch government did not renew ASML’s export license.
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IKEA blinds showing up in HomeKit

IKEA has started rolling out its new HomeKit software update for its FYRTUR electric blinds in the U.S. This roll-out allows IKEA smart products to work with platforms such as HomeKit.

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BlackBerry QNX technology to power CoPilot

It was announced by Damon Motorcycles that its CoPilot advanced warning system will be powered by the BlackBerry QNX technology. This technology would serve as a secure and safe framework for the CoPilot warning system on the company’s new electric motorcycles.

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Sun visors transformed by Bosch engineers

We all can agree with the fact that sun visors pose more problems than comfort. To solve the infamy that comes with sun visors three Bosch engineers came up with a new innovation. They are using a liquid crystal display, a camera, and facial recognition and detection software.

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