IoT VulnerabilitieS

With the increasing use of IoT devices, comes decreased privacy. It has been reported that GPS-enabled smartwatches can be remotely attacked. This vulnerability has been disclosed by a team of Rapid7 penetration testers in several GPS-enabled smartwatches for kids. The brands of watches were: Children’s SmartWatch, G36 Children’s Smartwatch, and SmarTurtles Kid’s Smartwatch. All three products share similar software and hardware.

The vulnerabilities include: 

  • Lack of functional SMS filtering
  • Undocumented default password
  • Lack of communication and transparency on the part of the vendors

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Cisco self-signed certificate to expire

As per a filed notice released by Cisco, self-signed certificates are to expire on the 1st of January, 2020, thus, creating a condition where new self-signed certificates could not be created on affected devices anymore. This issue will impact self-signed certificates generated by the Cisco IOS XE or Cisco IOS device and applied to services on the device.

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Apple Security Bounty

Apple has opened its bug bounty program to all, which previously used to be only for a selected few. To be eligible for the bounty, researchers must

  • Be the first one to report the vulnerability to Apple Product Security.
  • Provide a detailed report.
  • Refrain from disclosing the issue publicly before the security advisory is released by Apple.


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Innovations in Brussels Airport with a Private 5G NetworK

In cooperation with Finnish Nokia and Belgian operator Citymesh, the Brussels Airport Company is developing its own 5G network at the airport. This is going to be one of the first sites in Belgium with 5G technology, ensuring that operational efficiency is improved. This network is said to be ready by March 2020.

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