The undercover world of Reverse-Engineering based Integrated Circuit attacks by Olivier Thomas (@reivilo_t) from Texplained (@Texplained_RE)

This talk aims at demonstrating the capabilities of Reverse-Engineering based invasive attacks and its impact on various known attacks. It will show how vulnerabilities can be found in an automated way while some new techniques can be created by taking advantage of a better understanding of the IC even in a black box scenario.

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Who needs IoT security certification? – CXO Panel – Marc Witteman (@Riscure), Gil Bernabeu (@_gilhom_ @GlobalPlatform_), Roberto Avanzi (@DogeMocenigo @Arm), Eric Vétillard (@evetillard @NXP) & Andrew Dellow (@Huawei)

We all are aware of IoT Security incidents happening in the world. In this panel discussion, a group of industry leaders talked about How IoT Security is affecting our lives? and whether IoT Security certification, regulation & framework can minimize security incidents!

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Smart car forensics and Sensor warfare by Gabriel Cirlig (@hookgab) & Stefan Tanase (@stefant) from Ixia (@Ixia_ATI @IXIAcom)

As “smart” is becoming the new standard for everything, malicious threat actors are quick to capitalize on the insecurity of IoT devices. Hackers compromising your network and spying on you is not something new in the world of personal computers, but definitely an emerging threat in the world of personal cars.

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